From the Equality team of Rebés-Ferrer, we offer companies, administrations, and organizations all the necessary services to comply with the obligations established by current regulations regarding gender equality and diversity. Going beyond what the law mandates, we assist companies, both public and private entities, in integrating an intersectional gender perspective into their organization, corporate culture, products, and in implementing gender equality and diversity management into their corporate social responsibility policies.

Our highly qualified and specialized team offers, among other services:

  • Equality Plans (salary audits and objective job position assessment from a gender perspective).
  • Support in implementing Equality Plans and conducting follow-up reports and evaluations of these plans.
  • Designing telework, hiring, work-life balance plans, etc., with a gender perspective.
  • Protocols for the prevention, identification, and resolution of sexual harassment, based on sex, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.
  • Pay records.
  • Representation and defense in disciplinary proceedings related to equality issues.
  • Support to obtain equality certifications, such us the badge “Igualdad en la Empresa”.
  • Specialized training.