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Rodrigo Cortés graduated from the Law School at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1987. He has been a lawyer and member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 1992 and he holds a Master in Tax Law awarded by the University of Barcelona.

Rodrigo Cortés has extensive experience advising on tax issues to major national and international companies and is also an expert in family business taxation, corporate restructuring, mergers and tax planning.

Rodrigo Cortés has participated in numerous acquisition and transferral processes of companies and due diligence processes. He is a specialist in the fish farming, agriculture and real estate sectors, in addition to his extensive experience working with food companies and publishers. He also has extensive experience advising on tax inspections and Tax Litigation and is a regular speaker at conferences in various legal forums, universities and professional associations. He has also written several specialist books on tax law for the major publishing companies.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, Catalan, French and English